Sunday Talks

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Datesort ascending Title Speaker Passage Listen Attachments
01/05/2016 How can some of you say? Jonathan Perkin 1 Cor 15:12-20 Mp3
24/04/2016 Preaching the Resurrection Jonathan Perkin Acts 2:22-36 Mp3
17/04/2016 Love My Sheep Ben Lillie John 21:15-19 Mp3
10/04/2016 Catching Fish Jonathan Perkin John 21:1-14 Mp3
03/04/2016 Thomas Clodagh Ingram John 20:24-29 Mp3
27/03/2016 Jesus Jonathan Perkin Matt 28:1-10 Mp3
20/03/2016 Palm Sunday (Recording failed) Clodagh Ingram Luke 19: 29-42 Mp3
13/03/2016 Stand the Test (Recording failed!) Jay Niblett James 1:9-18 Mp3
06/03/2016 Joy in Trials Jonathan Perkin James 1:1-8 Mp3
28/02/2016 Job Clodagh Ingram Job 28:1-12 Mp3, Mp3