Bells of St Bartholomew

New bells at St Bartholomew's

In March 2015 the ring of six bells at St Barthomew’s church was replaced, after hundreds of years of ringing duty. To be precise, the lightest bell (treble) was retained and retuned, as this had been added more recently, in 1933, whilst five of the bells were newly commissioned. The five bells, originally installed in 1678, were literally worn out insomuch as they were out of tune and extremely difficult to ring. The new bells—cast at the Whitechapel bell foundry, London—were installed by Whites of Appleton, and a team of project volunteers.
On Sunday May 3rd 2015, Rt. Revd Martyn Snow (Bishop of Tewkesbury) presided over a service of dedication for the new bells.

About the bell ringers

We are a small but experienced band of Bellringers. We contribute to church life by ringing the bells at St Bartholomew’s for services & special occasions. These occasions range from times of great joy and celebration, to more solemn occasions, ringing about 100 times a year in total. For hundreds of years the bells of St Bartholomew’s have been heard in the surrounding area calling Christians to worship and reminding all, of God’s presence with us, an important aspect of our ringing. We are proud of our part in this tradition.

What’s it about?

There are many aspects to bell ringing. It requires some physical and mental skill as well as discipline. Apart from the obvious religious connection, we have a lively social life based around bell ringing and church activities. We enjoy meeting ringers from other towers in our area, as well as further afield. Our ringers are members of the Gloucester and Bristol Diocesan Association of Church Bell Ringers. The Association is divided into smaller geographical areas - Branches. We are in the Gloucester Branch. There are 22 Towers in the Gloucester Branch, the most Southern being Frampton-on- Severn, the most Northern is Ashleworth. These towers either have six, eight, or in the case of the Cathedral, twelve bells. St Bartholomew’s has six bells.

How to get involved?

That’s easy. We practice on Monday evenings from 7.45 until 9.00 and you are welcome to join us, for a taste of what’s involved. It’s probably best to check with one of our ringers or our Tower Captain Jo Turner on 01452 712302, or our Ringing Master, Ron Harpham on 01452 531361, to ensure that the practice is to take place.