Men's Breakfasts

The men of the church have been enjoying breakfast together for very many years. We aim to host five breakfasts per year. Each breakfast lasts an hour-and-a-half, from 8.00am. The men do the cooking, serving and clearing up. The doing is the fun of it. We aim to have a full English fry-up each time. For details of the next meeting please see the calendar page (We ask for donations towards running costs and suggest £4.00.)
We are also members of Christian Vision for Men (CVM - which is a national organisation that aims to evangelise men using a long-term programme of events of all sorts. For events in this area we are partners with neighbouring churches in Gloucester CVM and sometimes have social evenings out.

These are wonderful opportunities for men to meet together in a way that gives them freedom to share fellowship and get to know one another.

For any further information about the breakfasts, or any other men's events please contact us.