Pastoral & Hospitality

Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care is a very important ministry in the church. Jesus called us to love one another, which includes caring for each other in practical ways. There will be times in our lives when we need the support of the church fellowship, and it is our intention to be there for people when necessary.

Practically, this can be easier to say than deliver. By and large, pastoral care in the church can be given in different ways:

  • Through the leadership and staff
  • Through friends in the church
  • Through the Connect Group or similar group
  • Through Prayer Ministry in the services
  • Through the Bereavement Team
  • Through contact with the Pastoral Care Branch Leader.

If someone wishes or needs caring for any reason please contact the Pastoral Care Team

We hope that every member feels that they can find help when it is needed, and feel the support of the church. We do not want people to suffer alone. Our aim is the boast of the early church in Acts 4:34, ‘There were no needy persons among them.’


At St Andrew's we aim to offer a great welcome. We hope all our events are friendly and hospitiable. There are many events and regular activities to check out during the week. Please visit our events page for more info.