Morning Prayer 

Morning prayer takes place daily (Monday to Friday) at 9am in the Quiet Room in the Church Centre. We follow a simple pattern of Psalm, Bible readings and prayer for the needs of the church and community. All are welcome to join in.

Prayer Ministry

Prayer ministry is offered by a team of trained prayer ministers at the end of every service. Prayer may be requested for particular issues, for encouragement, for strength or simply for someone to draw closer to God.

Prayer Chain

The prayer chain operates for urgent prayer requests which are passed “along the chain”. All prayer requests on the prayer chain are confidential to a carefully selected small group.

24/2 Prayer Weekend

A prayer weekend takes place once a year where we pray solidly for 48 hours for Churchdown and beyond.


More prayer evenings take place throughout the season of Lent. It's a time to go deeper with the Lord and to discover new things about Him. In addition to this, many styles of prayer and worship are used to connect with the Lord.  

For more information about prayer, please Contact Us