Northern Kenya - Daniel Lemadada

Daniel Lemadada is a pastor of the Africa Inland Church in a remote region of Northern Kenya, in the Loiyangalani district of Marsabit. Together with his wife Susan, he pastors the AIC Nkororoi and the AIC Oltorot congregations.

The small congregations of new Christians are from the Samburu and Rendille tribes - primarily unreached people groups - and Daniel himself is a native speaker of both languages. Saved in 1970, he felt God’s call to mission work, and has planted many churches over the years. He worked with Dan Button for 2 years (1991-93).

More recently Daniel has pursued a ministry of training and teaching other pastors and church leaders working in remote areas, bringing greatly needed encouragement to those who have little opportunity for training, yet serve faithfully in a harsh semi-arid environment among nomadic peoples. His main focus is ‘"to reach the unreached tribes with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to nurture them with the knowledge of the word of God."  The financial challenges are great, with little local support amongst people who primarily live off their camels and goats, and are often just fighting for survival.