Divorce Recovery

The Divorce Recovery Workshop (DRW) is run for those who have been affected by the breakdown of a marriage or significant relationship and provides a secure & friendly environment in which to discuss many issues arising as a result of the break up. Divorce Recovery Workshop is part of a national charity and one of 20 similar groups operating around the country. Although DRW are not permitted to promote Christianity (or any faith) the course has Christian roots and we run the workshop to help provide a hope to individuals. The workshop is run by volunteers, many of whom are active members of St Andrew's.

If you are divorced, going through a divorce or a breakdown of a significant relationship and feel
that our workshop would help, please get in touch. Similarly if you know of family and/or friends that would benefit from attending please put them in touch. If you would like more information about this course please visit http://www.drw.org.uk