Who is it for?

Any married couple whether married for just a few years or many more. Before driving a car, we take lessons; before playing the piano, we take lessons. So, why not invest some time in the most important relationship we have on earth?

What goes on?

The course is DVD-based and only requires couples to talk to each other - there is no group discussion. Clips from the DVD are interspersed with time out for conversation between each couple as they follow exercises and consider questions from the course handbook.

The course is hugely beneficial for all couples regardless of levels of faith and covers a range of topics such as communication, resolving conflict, good sex, parents and in-laws and forgiveness.

When and where does it meet?

The course is held at St Andrew's church centre, and runs for six consecutive weeks.

Please check the calendar item for dates of the next course. For further information contact us

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